Supervisors receive CAFO expansion application for site near Alden

The Hardin County Board of Supervisors acknowledged the receipt of an application to double the size of a hog site in Alden Township during Wednesday morning’s regular meeting.

A public hearing on the matter has been set for Wednesday, September 26, at 10:03 a.m. in the courthouse conference room, and according to the information provided, the site— known as the Lettow Finisher Farm—will be contracted through Iowa Select.

Eldora’s Julie Duhn, a vocal critic of the continued construction of new swine facilities, asked the board why two other applications—one for a site near Radcliffe and another near Alden (and both contracted through Iowa Select)—were not being acknowledged. Chairman BJ Hoffman responded that the number of animals (2,490) for each project was just below the minimum to fall under the Master Matrix scoring system.

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