Hubbard middle school center opening

There are a couple of key vantage points that tell the story of the new construction coming to completion at the Hubbard-Radcliffe school site in Hubbard. Here is one. The new additions and remodeling on the South Hardin Middle School have been a several-years-in-the making project. Here is the new gym as seen  from a second floor elevated walkway.

HUBBARD – The all-but-new South Hardin Middle School in Hubbard has been a project years in the making, almost since South Hardin was created.

Construction at one pace or another has been going on for almost six years, but the key phase was really all in the last eighteen months.

Now with classes about to commence in a few days, it is on the verge of completion, and school superintendent P.J.Heinz says she has made a promise to her custodial and maintenance people, that there will be no more construction – at least not next year.

A tour of the new school – all but  rebuilt – immediately demonstrates just how much of the newness is about the central feature. That’s the bright gymnasium, with its open air feel. Much of the construction radiates off the gym, to include music and athletics and physical education rooms.(Read  the rest in the Tuesday Ledger.)