Ackley school lockdown


Regional press reports on Thursday, December 20, afternoon said that the schools in Ackley had released a letter to parents saying:

    “We are releasing shuttle bus students at this time. Route bus students will also be allowed to load and leave at their normal time. We will not be allowing any student to walk home in the City of Ackley. Please come to the north doors (by the playground) or buzz into the elementary office doors to pick up your elementary age student or middle school student. Please come to the high school office door to be buzzed in to pick up your high school age student. No one will be allowed in the building, we will bring your student to you."

The Ackley Center and high school was in a lockdown due to a possible threat in the city of Ackley.

According to a press release on the school’s website, the school received a phone call around 2:00 p.m. Thursday from the Ackley Police Department, instructing them to go into a lockdown due to a situation within the City.

Later in the evening there were no additional reports coming out from the school.